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28mm UWAN 82-degree Review

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PROS / Features like lens coating and internal baffling lead to great views.

CONS / No safety groove could cause problems.

 VERDICT / Not the latest and greatest but still a quality eyepiece.

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The 28mm UWAN by Willaim Optics was heralded by many an eyepiece addict as a wonderfully powerful wide angle tool that was going to give Tele Vue a run for its money. Several years and many even-wider-angle telescope eyepieces later, this accessory is still pretty cool. It does not have the wow-factor it once did now that 100 degrees are a reality but it is still a quality piece of equipment.

The 28mm UWAN by Willaim Optics should work well with many different telescopes and bring viewers a wide range of crisp images.

Viewing Experience

Before Tele Vue’s domination with Ethos it dominated with the Nagler. It seemed no one could touch the Nagler eyepiece for quality and wow-factor. Then came the UWANs, a loose abbreviation for “ultra wide angle,” and many reviewers came to prefer them for a Nagler-like experience without the Tele Vue price.

There have been changes in the eyepiece world since then but the 28mm UWAN still has a wonderful reputation for offering pinpoint stars as far as your eye can see, which is 82 degrees in this case.


William Optics offers a long list of features that will add to your viewing experience. Multi-coated lenses are designed to offer superior light transmittance. Lens edges and internal spacers are blackened to kill the effects of scattered light.

The twist-up eyecup is also a great feature, and the long eye relief will make any astronomer comfortable for an observing session.

This eyepiece is designed to be parfocal, which means you should not have to refocus when you change magnification.

Ease of Use

The anodized black barrel is terrific looking and should also add to the telescope’s resilience.

There is no safety groove in the barrel. This is both good and bad, mostly bad. Some like those grooves as a back-up for holding the eyepiece in place even if the thumbscrew comes loose. Some feel they are annoying because they can get tangled up with other equipment and make it difficult to remove the eyepiece.

In our view a little annoyance in removal is better than watching your new eyepiece plunge to the unforgiving ground.

Help & Support

William Optics customer support is quite good. Emailed inquiries get a fast response and their website is well organized and packed with good information. You can read full reviews, product manuals, FAQs and all customer policies online.

A snail mail and telephone contact are also easy to find and easy to use.


The 28mm UWAN is worth your consideration, especially if you are eyeing a Nagler. This eyepiece has a reputation for offering great views at a lower price point than the Naglers. A sharp image across 82 degrees is a great accomplishment. Finding it for a low price is an even bigger accomplishment.