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Telescope Stores Reviews

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Telescope Stores Review

Why Buy Your Telescope Online?

Telescopes are nothing new and neither are telescope stores. Man has been using telescopes for hundreds of years. It should come as no surprise that you can easily purchase your telescope online. There are many reasons to purchase your telescope from one of the best online telescope stores:

Convenience – There is nothing easier than turning on your computer to do your shopping. Bad weather and traffic are all worries of the past. Shopping online allows you to browse products at your convenience and avoid pushy sales people and crowds that are typical of the retail environment.

You can shop any time of day online. No longer are you limited to the hours that the store is open. The internet is open 24/7.

Selection – The world is literally yours. Most retail locations that sell telescopes have a few telescopes, at best. Shopping for your new telescope online opens the door to thousands of telescopes. Every make, model and price can be found by shopping on the web.

Many sites will even sell used equipment at a fraction of the cost, further expanding your options for getting quality gear.

Price – Comparing prices is easy on the internet. Often times when shopping at a retail location, the only assurance you have that you are getting a good deal is that of the salesperson.

When shopping online it is possible to see exactly how much your new telescope will cost. Shipping charges and any extra costs are displayed and easy to understand. Also, most sites don’t collect sales tax on orders being shipped out of their home state, so you may save a bit in the long run.

Information – There is perhaps no greater resource than the internet when it comes to doing your homework in your quest to purchase a telescope. Chances are whatever question you may have about a telescope, someone has already found an answer and posted it somewhere on the internet. Take your time to research the various stores and types of telescopes.

In this site, you'll find articles related to telescopes as well as comprehensive reviews on telescope stores like OpticsPlanet and Telescopes.com. All of this is presented with a side-by-side comparison to help you make an informed decision on which telescope store is right for you.  At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don't Have To.™

What to Look for in Telescope Stores

You don't want to shell out your hard earned cash to just any site. How do you know which sites are worthy of your precious coin? We used the following criteria to evaluate our top online telescope stores:

Telescope Selection
The best sites will also have the best selection. Everything from Makustovs and Cassegrains to Catadioptric and Newtonian telescopes are available, so be sure to look for a website with a wide selection.

Telescope Supplies/Accessories
In your search for the correct telescope, don’t forget to pick up some essential accessories. Many sites will offer important additions to your telescope like digital camera converters so you can photograph your stargazing subjects or sky maps to identify the stars you’re observing.

Ease of Use
A website should be intuitively constructed and easy to use. Cluttered websites make online shopping a veritable nightmare, while clean and well organized websites make browsing almost refreshing. Online shopping sites should also allow for multiple methods of payment, offering you the most options with the least hassle.

Customer Support/Shipping
Just because you made your purchase doesn’t mean your relationship with the company should end. Look for a site that will stand behind the products they sell and offer support after the sale. In order for a business to survive on the internet it must be able to keep up with demand. No one wants to place an order and wait months for it to arrive. The best sites will produce your items quickly and at a reasonable price. We rated the websites in our matrix on the amount of customer service options available as well as the quality of support received.

If you’re in the market for a new telescope, we hope you find our list of reputable telescope stores helpful. Browse our findings and select the site that will best satisfy your needs.